Lucem Solutions
Specializing in modern website design and web application development

Founded in 2000

Initial web development activities centered around building database driven ColdFusion websites for clients.

During these early years, several ColdFusion websites and applications were built for clients including CareerIntel, PerformanceIntel, Priority Management Group, Michiana Eye Center & Facial Plastic Surgery, and New Control. Within this time period, the Fusebox framework was implemented. Later, Object-Oriented frameworks such as Mach-ii and ColdSpring were learned and incorporated into several websites.

More recent clients have had a preference for PHP as the programming language

An ever-expanding list of sites were built for clients including FindHow Inc., How To Buy Gold, Where To Buy Gold, Nuun, Glee Gum, Hardship License Lawyer, Massachusetts RMV Lawyer, 1 Stop Material Handling, 1 Stop Rack Services, Kegavator, 4Rent Signs, Find Career Coach, OnCampus Advertising, Career Coach Clive, Remembering When, Industrial Security & Investigators, Inc, Gavin Historical Bricks, Malone Plumbing and Heating Inc, Whelan Arnold LLC, Peak Sales Recruiting, and Pure Vibe Dance. Some of these sites incorporated Drupal, some utilized Expression Engine, while others preferred WordPress as the content management system.

More recent work has utilized jQuery and other Javascript frameworks

These provide richer user interfaces that greatly improve the user experience.

In addition to dynamic websites, over the years several clients have preferred simple HTML/CSS websites.

These clients include The Landmark Conservancy, Crystal Cousins Jewelry, ADITime, Aegis Solar, Classic Display, and Classic Metal Roofs.

Additionally, banner ads have been made for multiple clients for use in Google Ads and Facebook.

These clients include Mach-ii Consulting and Industrial Security & Investigators.