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OnCampus Advertising

OnCampus Advertising is a youth-focused marketing and media services company that helps brands reach college students on campuses across the US and Canada.

OnCampus Advertising

Media Services

OnCampus Advertising media services include college newspapers, online, mobile, out-of-home displays, brand ambassadors and more. They have focused on the college market over the past 10 years, developing a deep industry expertise and unparalleled service offering.


OnCampus Advertising strives to deliver the best possible service to each client engagement through comprehensive research, planning, media buying, execution and campaign reporting. Their team of industry professionals will help you navigate the college media landscape to develop and deliver a meaningful and relevant campaign experience.


The OnCampus approach is simple – make it highly impactful, memorable and cost efficient. They customize their recommendations to the unique goals of each client and design them to bring clarity to complex multi-campus, multi-media plans. When OnCampus turns to execution, they leverage industry expertise, unique relationships with school administrators and proprietary media solutions to deliver results.