I’ve just completed a new website for a new client: Kegavator www.levelizerkegavator.com. A custom WordPress theme was developed for this new website to meet the requirements of the client.


The Kegavatorâ„¢ facilitates unloading more safely than the traditional, brute force method. The patent pending Levelizerâ„¢ Technology gradually lowers the keg from the delivery truck making the entire process seamless, quick and easy for the driver. Operators will no longer need to worry about how many Keg Shuffles their day holds!


I’ve just finished a new landing page for a new client: 1 Stop Rack Services

1 Stop Rack Services (a division of 1 Stop Material Handling Inc.) specializes in the design and implementation of turnkey racking and shelving systems for warehouse needs. They have 25 years of experience in storage and material handling systems and will work with you to integrate your unique requirements to design the most functional, high density and safe storage and racking system available.