I’ve just completed a new website for a client: Massachusetts RMV Lawyer www.rmvlawyer.com. Drupal and PHP were used to construct this new website. Also, a customized WordPress blog was developed to match the parent website’s styling.


Attorney Brian E. Simoneau has successfully appealed a large number of Massachusetts license suspensions and revocations. Brian has routinely obtained full license reinstatements, suspension reductions, and hardship licenses for his deserving clients. Brian has successfully challenged and appealed license suspensions at all levels of the Massachusetts legal system including the Registry of Motor Vehicles, District Court, Board of Appeal, Superior Court, the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court, which is the state’s highest court.


I’ve just completed customizing a WordPress blog for a new client: 1 Stop Material Handling www.1stopmaterialhandling.com/blog/

1StopMaterialHandling.com was founded in 2011 by Boston area entrepreneurs with over half a century of experience in the business. These industrialists realized there was a gap in the material handling processes and procedures from request for quote, online ordering or getting complete freight handling charges which inspired the development of this new site to connect the loop for any and all ordering professionals.


Redesigned www.lucemograph.com using Drupal and jQuery.


Lucemographs are the next evolutionary step in pure photographic abstraction. Light drawings, rendered onto photographic emulsion, whether onto film in the camera or more directly onto photographic paper or ortho film in the darkroom, achieve purity of abstraction and process while remaining entirely within the conventions of the photographic medium and its methods.


I’ve been working extensively with Groovy and Grails recently and am very excited about their feature-set. There is alot of promise in this new platform and my development using it will continue for years to come. I’ve already built numerous dynamic applications using Groovy and Grails which have been deployed into a production environment successfully. Grails scaffolding is very useful to get up and running by generating controllers and views. Additionally, jQuery, which is included in the Grails stack, is the perfect compliment to integrate with services asynchronously to retrieve queries as JSON.